The Secret: Law of Attraction

Recently, we often hear about one of the most phenomenal book ever, which the tittle is The Secret. Overall, this book tells about The Law of Attraction, which responsible to many things –could be everything– happened in our live.

What The law of  Attraction realy is? Well, I will tell you in a few articles in my next writings. But for the introduction, please read the article which I grabbed from the internet below:

Looking for a simple explanation? Don’t have the time to read the book or look at the movie? But do you like to know about the Secret Law then this article is for you.
It is not difficult to understand I can explain it to you in five minutes.

Ok, your still reading so you really want to know more about it?
I will not disturb you, with not important details only the simple facts.
Your mind is a very powerful tool only you have to use it the right way.
But it is easy to learn and easy to use, it takes only five minutes a day.
If you are willing to spend that every day then it works very well for you.

I have written these tips and tricks about the secret law of attraction for only one reason.
It can really work, I know because it works for me? Yes the movie and books are great and fun to read .
I will explain it here for you in just a few simple steps, easy to read and understand.

Let’s start now; it takes you five minutes a day to make this work.
First thing I want you to know that how does your mind work. Do you think that your mind saves information in words or pictures? Here is the important key, it works with pictures.
Just like a computer it’s saving pictures, but it’s not understand the difference between good or bad pictures. But your mind and body is always going to react on it.
So if you show it only bad pictures it can make you unhappy or even sick.

Just like a computer works, if you give it good input you will get a good output.
So you can use it the good way or the bad way is a simple as that.
But let’s be focus on the good way of using the secret law of attraction.
Here is the three step way method you can use simple free but it really works.

First find pictures form the things you want to have or goal that you want to reach.
Do it with your search engine on internet and save them on your computer.
Second make a slide show of all the pictures that you have found.
Maybe put some music with it, if it is soft music it can be extra helpful to focus.
Third and most important, every morning you wake up take the first five minutes to watch the slide show that you have making. Do that as long as necessary, days, weeks, months.

Do not expect it works in one or two days, it will take some time before it works.
It is really a great tool, just give it a try and find out for yourself.
Sceptical? I was too,  but it is free and takes only five minutes a day, so why not?
And it is always nice to start the day with favourite pictures so you can’t lose.
Now you know the secret law of attraction, use it well.

source: free article zone, by Jeroen Kaslander.



~ by BaRT on April 7, 2008.

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