Green Tips: Check this trusted sign before!

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In the absence of universal sustainable standards, if a company says it is Good for the Earth. Your first question should be, “Who else says so?”

Increasingly, reliable ecoproducts are being backed up by an independent institution that has investigated the manufacturer’s claims. Here are some labels to look for:

Logos Enviro

Green Seal: Provides science-based environmental certification standards for hundreds of products and services.
The LEED Green Building Rating System: The nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of green buildings.
Energy Star: Certifies energy-saving products and practices.
VeriFlora: Provides sustainability standards for growers and handlers or fresh-cut flowers and potted plants.
Fair Trade Certified: A label attached to coffee, chocolate, cocoa, tea, fruit, rice, sugar and spices produced in developing countries.
USDA Organic: The USDA’s national organic standard

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Multiply has been reactivated ….

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Due to  the Indonesia Minister of Telecommunication and Information Legal number: 84/M.KOMINFO/04/08, several internet sites has been disabled by many ISPs in Indonesia, include Multiply.

But, I’ve just realized that now … Multiply has been reactivated and can be accessed again. So guys, let’s Multiply(ing) 🙂


The Secret: Law of Attraction

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Recently, we often hear about one of the most phenomenal book ever, which the tittle is The Secret. Overall, this book tells about The Law of Attraction, which responsible to many things –could be everything– happened in our live.

What The law of  Attraction realy is? Well, I will tell you in a few articles in my next writings. But for the introduction, please read the article which I grabbed from the internet below:

Looking for a simple explanation? Don’t have the time to read the book or look at the movie? But do you like to know about the Secret Law then this article is for you.
It is not difficult to understand I can explain it to you in five minutes. Continue reading ‘The Secret: Law of Attraction’

Happy Blogging :-)

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